Eta Nu nu Supports the arts

$8,000 Asa Simpson-Cole - Strings Alumni Scholarship
$5,000 Kirem Braddix - Strings Scholar Scholarship 
$4,000 Lexington Perdue - Strings Scholar Scholarship
$3,000 Kennedi Freemasn - Strings Scholar Scholarship
$5,000 Black Arts Expo
$22,000 Talent Hunt Programs
$1,000 Dance E.L.I.T.E 
$2,000 Urban Strings Columbus 

The Eta Nu Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. supports the arts for several reasons:

Cultural Enrichment: The arts play a crucial role in enriching culture and society. Supporting the arts allows organizations like Omega Psi Phi to contribute to the preservation and promotion of diverse cultural expressions, including music, visual arts, literature, and performance arts.

Community Engagement: Through supporting the arts, Omega Psi Phi can engage with the community in meaningful ways. This involvement can include sponsoring art events, collaborating with local artists and art organizations, and providing platforms for artists to showcase their talents.

Education and Empowerment: The arts have the power to educate, inspire, and empower individuals. By supporting artistic endeavors, Omega Psi Phi can contribute to the development of creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression among its members and the broader community.

Historical Significance: Historically, many African American fraternities and organizations have played a significant role in promoting the arts within the African American community. Supporting the arts aligns with Omega Psi Phi's commitment to celebrating and preserving African American culture and heritage.

Promotion of Talent: Omega Psi Phi may support the arts as a means of promoting and nurturing talent within its membership and beyond. By providing resources and opportunities for artistic expression, the fraternity can help individuals explore and develop their creative abilities.

Overall, supporting the arts reflects Omega Psi Phi's broader commitment to social responsibility, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. By investing in the arts, the fraternity can make a positive impact on individuals and communities while also contributing to the broader cultural landscape.

Eta Nu Nu Chapter has donated more the $25,000 in performance arts scholarships

and cultural programs support