In 2022, Eta Nu Nu donated over $12,000 to area schools, organizations and other community programs in Columbus, Ohio

Social Action

Social action is a cornerstone of Eta Nu Nu's purpose, guiding our chapter's activities in ways that have a meaningful and lasting impact on the greater Columbus community. Through initiatives that focus on education, health, and community welfare, our members actively work to address societal issues and improve the quality of life for those around us. Our efforts range from focusing on social determinants of health and how they impact the Black community to mentoring young students and providing health screenings, all aimed at addressing the diverse needs of our community. These activities demonstrate our fraternity's commitment to being a positive force for change, emphasizing the importance of giving back and supporting those who need it most.

Our dedication to social action not only benefits the community but also strengthens the bonds among chapter members. By working together to tackle pressing social issues, we foster a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that aligns with the core values of Omega Psi Phi. This shared commitment to community service inspires us to continue finding new ways to contribute, whether through collaborative partnerships, educational outreach, or environmental initiatives. Eta Nu Nu's emphasis on social action serves as a reminder that our fraternity's legacy is not just in the achievements of its members, but in the impact we have on the lives we touch and the communities we serve.

If you are interested in assisting us in this initiative or would like to donate, please contact our Social Action Chair Brother Gregory Riggins at 440.821.1793.

Eta Nu Nu in 2022 volunteered over 20,000 man hours towards worthy causes in the Columbus community