The Columbus Urban League (CUL). This partnership is important by virtue of the Urban League’s historic civil rights and urban advocacy. This partnering meshes well with some of our Fatherhood and Mentoring, Social Action, and Health Initiatives programs, as well as expands our operational reach.  

Community in Schools (CIS). This future partnership allows us to target schools in low income, disenfranchised, and under resourced communities. We will maximize this partnership to facilitate implementation of both our Omega STEM and Fatherhood and Mentoring programs. Implementation and expansion of these programs will yield greater benefits to the communities we target.

I Know I Can (IKIC). This partnership provides $5,000 matching funds each year for up to 4 years for students matriculating at an HBCU. Our commitment to an organization that is one of the largest providers of scholarships in the State of Ohio enhances our reputation us an organization committed to empowering others through education.

Urban Strings Columbus Youth Orchestra. This partnership adds a rather dynamic component to Eta Nu Nu’s goals and objectives, as it positions us to encourage and support our talented youths in the performance arts. Our merit
scholarships provide young aspiring and talented youth with resources to improve their musicianship in this unique organization. We use our resources, both material and human, to showcase and support Urban String Columbus. Our Talent Hunt program and relationship with Capital University enables us to expand our reach by providing a venue for this program and exposing students of color to its campus.

One Linden and the City of Columbus Department of Neighborhoods. This future partnership expands Eta Nu Nu’s service, outreach, impact, and investment in the Linden Community. Over the past two years, we have participated, supported, and provided official sponsorship to the Christmas Carols on Cleveland and the Linden Trunk or Treat programs. Through this
partnership, we will expand our operational reach and continued service in the Linden Community. A number of Eta Nu Nu’s members currently reside, and/or grew up in that community.

We Are Linden. This grassroots organization received sponsorship support from Eta Nu Nu Chapter throughout the 2023 calendar year. This support demonstrates our commitment to uplift the Linden community.

Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF). This national partnering complements our health initiatives program while providing funding to both Eta Nu Nu Chapter and our undergraduates. As a result, AHF has specifically requested that Eta Nu
continue to be part of this national partnership, something that elicits a great deal of proud. 

Good Health Wins (GHWs). This national partnership vaccination awareness program in collaboration with the National Council of Negro Women and the Center for Disease Control Mini Grant Program further enhances our health initiatives program. Eta Nu Nu is one of 37 Chapters selected from the entire fraternity, Inc., for this initiative. 

NPHC Columbus is an important partnering, as it offers an opportunity for unified strength with 13 other membered organizations. Through the NPHC, we can lead by example, expand our outreach, and coalesce with other community

The 1911 Foundation is our vehicle for sponsorship donations that support many of our programs that target youth. The benefit of this partnership is clear; we must continue to cultivate a strong and enduring relationship.

Eta Nu Nu presented over $47,000 to 36 high school seniors to attend college

Eta Nu Nu has committed to provide $52,500 in scholarship monies to high school seniors through the NPHC Hope Scholarship. 15 high school seniors has been impacted through this generosity

Eta Nu Nu Chapter established partnership with I Know I Can Founders’ Scholarship resulting in a $240,000 commitment to support students of color who matriculates at an HBCU over 6 years